Bathroom Parade

We try to offer you a  beautiful ‘parade’ of bathrooms, inspired by a multitude of different countries, and all for finding inspiration in some of the finest, most luxurious bathrooms, as well as how to apply it to a modest bathrooms. Our bathroom design company offers you, if you wish a clean and minimalist design, but also expressive and unitary geometry. We pay a great attention to detail. Details are everything, right? Philosophy of our company also consists of modern and clean lines. The collections of various products are inspired by innovation, highly functional space and freshness!

But if you’re a follower of vintage or retro style don’t think we can’t manage it. We can achieve whatever you want because it’s your dream space! Maybe you’re that ‘different’ type of person, always wishing to go beyond your time. This bathroom design company has a solution for this desire too. We offer bathroom designs that consist of several parts and pieces of furniture for bathrooms that are in clear contradiction with each other and which can greatly transform the look of a bathroom. From the marble slab above the sink, chic shelves, mirrors the brilliant, golden accessories and a chest of drawers and elements with style, your bathroom will be able to look like a vintage boudoir and at the same time to remain very modern.

Everything you wish to achieve in your bathroom we can provide you. Experts at out bathroom design company will gladly help with all your inquires. Don’t hesitate to come to our place and ask whatever you want. Let’s make your bathroom design come true!


Welcome to Betty Choyce Bathrooms! We provide high quality bathroom fitting services throughout the UK. If you are interested in using our services then please don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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