About Us

With hundreds of its own products and the most complete range our bathroom design company is increasingly growing into a leading company in the market which makes it very attractive for cooperation. This company for bathroom design has got realistic ambitions of rapid export growth.

Furthermore, our design company for more than one year possesses a new, modern and purposefully built commercial manufacturing facility, doubling the capacity, which is placed in one of the industrial zone this area. In addition to modern production equipment, this bathroom design company now contains a distribution fleet of more motor units, networked computer system, and a recently internationally recognized brand.

All of this, the name and the brand couldn’t have been achieved without quality. Quality is an important central theme of the strategies and practices of our business in bathroom design.

All inputs (input materials) are regularly controlled at multiple points, and periodically and regularly by independent specialized institutions and laboratories.

Materials used meet mandatory standards for sanitary domestic use, even (and more) for the food industry, as evidenced by a certificate of known relevant EU institutions.

The main part of our raw materials and components is a major European manufacturer of materials that are supplied with the world’s most famous companies in this industry.

Supervision of the production process is carefully exercised by both types of quality control (process and final).

Final products are continuously tested and certified with officially accredited institution.


Welcome to Betty Choyce Bathrooms! We provide high quality bathroom fitting services throughout the UK. If you are interested in using our services then please don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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