‘Always, my bathroom was my favorite room in the apartment. I loved all that is related to it. Peace, tranquility, relaxation, and moments you have for yourself, water. Even as a child I imagined what my bathroom would look in my apartment. I saw it so clearly in my imagination. I realized my dream. Today I have a bathroom that I always wanted! Thank you!’

These are the words that one of our extremely satisfied customers said to us when we finished with her bathroom cladding. True, staff at our bathroom design company had to work really hard to achieve this, but when she told us these words we were the happiest company on Earth! And at our bedroom design company we want to provide these feeling of a dream coming true to all of our customers.

And this is not an easy process, believe us!

When you come or contact us first we ask you: ‘What are your bathroom needs and your bathroom wishes? What do you want your bathroom design to look like?’ Our designers talk to you and try to incorporate all your wishes and your personality in this ‘room’ in the house or flat.

Then, we talk to you about the condition and the state of the bathroom – is it in need of some hard repairing and a lot of stuff has to be done or you just want to make it beautiful? Whatever your need – we’ve got the answer!

After, we show you all of our sources, equipment and merchandize we have got in stock for you.

Our bathroom design market is really a big one! It includes:

  • Water supply: water supply valves, faucets, valves, pipes and associated fittings.
  • Sanitary equipment: sanitary ware, mixers, siphons, bathtubs, shower trays and shower, jetted tubs, bathroom furniture, mirrors, bathroom accessories.*
  • Ceramics: bathroom tiles, decors and borders, adhesive, fug mass and other auxiliary equipment.
  • Acrylic Bathtubs Bathroom (rectangular, angular and special) with and without the base and side panels
  • Shower trays in various versions:

1) Compact, lined with insulating expanded polystyrene, or recess with metal frame and cladding

2)  Wall Panels

3)  Showers and Screens

4)  Bathroom cladding

5) Cardiff Fitted Bedrooms

6)  Kupatilski furniture

7)  Components for making / installation of stair railing (baluster), terraces, etc. purpose (baluster) from a specially treated aluminum alloy

8)  Compatible programs – Sanitary ware and accessories


Welcome to Betty Choyce Bathrooms! We provide high quality bathroom fitting services throughout the UK. If you are interested in using our services then please don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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